Picking the right person to join your team may be a daunting challenge. This pressure is increasingly heightened if you are in the sales industry. An effective team makes for good results, since the product of the team is made from the culmination of the right team members.

The selection criteria for picking the next addition to join your team must be thorough as the move may strengthen and make for a more effective team. If handled in a shabby manner, the team will definitely suffer the consequences.

How then do you assemble an effective team? Or perhaps, you have a team on ground and you want to recruit the right team members to join the team?

Be willing to invest in people

While much emphasis is placed on the right team members, painfully little is always said about the disposition of the leader. If you will lead an effective team, you must be willing to invest in the right team members. It is a sure proof approach to selecting the right team members. Do not be afraid to hold comprehensive trainings in a bid to build effective teams. The right team members with the wrong leader will end up as a disaster.

Hire people with similar values

This is the first item on the checklist of your selection criteria. As much as it is important to have good grades, right team members must have common work ethics. As this cannot be written on a resume, you would need to tailor your interview questions to find this out. Characteristics like hard work and resilience must be ingrained in every member if you intend to have an effective team.

Find talents within your network

More often than not, leaders think that building an effective team is a difficult task. It doesn’t need to be, if leaders can focus on their immediate network. Often times, the right team member is lurking somewhere in your network. All you need to do is do a little prodding and introduce your selection criteria.

Hire people who are eager to learn
The right team member that will fit into your effective team must have an eagerness to learn. This is a trait that should ride high on your selection criteria. Even if the applicant is not in your line of business, the eagerness to learn can ensure they adapt quickly and effortlessly.

Be personally involved in the recruitment process

An effective team cannot be solely recruited by an agency. You must be willing to be personally involved in the recruitment of the right team members for your team. Not only must you stay at the table to ensure that your selection criteria are rigorously followed. You must also be involved in the process as the right team members will work directly with you.

An effective team is one that consists of the right team members. What makes them effective is the fact that they consistently get results. That is why you must uphold the selection criteria and be willing to go all the way when it comes to hiring the right talent.

About the author: LA Sales Recruiter