Without a doubt, every company is in search of the most talented candidates. It takes an experienced and highly skilled staff to move a company forward. According to statistics, 50% of the American workforce are dissatisfied with their jobs. As such, it is no easy task to lure in the best candidates. It takes time as well as strategic and consistent effort to emerge victorious in the battle for top talent.

With our level of experience in sales recruitment matters, we have summarized the reasons hiring managers miss out on top candidates below.


Placing so much focus on degrees and certificates might make you bypass those candidates with practical and diverse experience. Ask yourself what you understand by “talent”. Talent sometimes comes looking different than what we would normally expect or presume it to look like, and a lot of time, candidates are even overqualified for the job. In hiring, you must expand your mind set concerning what talent should be or where it should come from.

For instance, if you’re looking to hire a sales manager. Naturally, you would go through resumes to find candidates with previous management involvement and sales experience. You’ll be looking for a listing of projects they may have completed in their career, so you know they can pull similar tasks off again. However, managing projects may go beyond having a lot of experience from different circumstances. For example, a military veteran may not seem to have any management experience as far as the office setting is concerned, but in actuality, he has more project management experience than most people you’ll ever come across. Think of how such an experience could translate into an office work situation.

Next time you’re hiring, pay less attention to degrees and more to the skills attained from people’s various life experiences, and you may just land your best hire thus far.


Professional sales recruiters find the best candidates that hiring managers miss. The reason you need to use a recruitment agency is simple. Time is of the essence, and the need to fill up job orders is high, most especially for small organizations. Without a devoted recruiter, you may not have time for proper selection. Recruiters function to achieve a singular aim – getting the best candidate. It’s that simple.

Most times, HR staff or the owners of small businesses are focused on the needs of existing employees as well as business growth. This leaves job searches behind on the priority list.


An executive recruiter is most likely to present fewer candidates, but you can be sure that each one will be highly qualified, in ways you may not have originally imagined.

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