What Keeps Your Sales Team Happy to Ensure they Stay on Your Team?

Keeping your sales team happy might not seem like such a critical thing that your company needs, but think about it for a moment. Your sales team is what keeps the accountants working, the mangers creating plans, and essentially, all the money coming into your company.

Your sales team is the blood of the company. No other groups or organs can function without them. This is why they are so critical and why you need to keep your sales team happy and thriving.

Here are some of the best ways to keep your sales team happy!

Communicate Frequently

One of the best ways to keep your sales team happy is by keeping them informed and in the loop about all that is happening concerning clients and leads.

Besides keeping them updated on the different markets or clients to aim for, your sales team should be well versed in all aspects of the company. It does not reflect well on the company or the salesperson if they are unaware that there is a sale going on or a memo sent out to clients.

If the sales team is not involved in knowing what is happening, it can leave them feeling embarrassed in front of customers and big clients upsetting them. This can lead to them feeling disrespected by the company as a whole if this happens frequently and can also put a damper on the rest of their day resulting in less success.

Never Over Hire

Over hiring your sales team can make your sales reps feel like they are in competition with each other for clients and sales. Although competition is good and healthy for a sales team, too much competition can lead to jealousy and feeling left behind.

If sales reps are telling you that they feel that they are in constant competition with their teammates for clients and sales, you may have over hired.

Never hire more sales reps for your sales team then the revenue of your company can support. You can also consider third-party staffing agencies to fill short-term gaps in your sales team while preventing over-hiring on a long-term basis.

Keep Clerical Work Out of Sales Reps Hands

It may seem a bit more efficient to have CRM reports and other clerical work taken care of by the sales reps themselves, but this is time that your sales team could be spending making your company money.

Clerical work should be limited and only done when necessary, like monthly sales reports or for other reasons. Keep your salespeople selling the products your company makes and you will see that they will be happier.

About the author: LA Sales Recruiter