Have you ever thought that recruiting could be a fun job? A number of people see it as tasking and a waste of time. Regardless of what you think, marketing hiring is important for your business. Instead of sitting through it with a grim face and an overcast countenance because you are doing the hiring, what if you can actually enjoy it? What if recruiting can become a fun job for you?

There are a few ways through which you can turn recruiting into a fun job. Ready to delve into it?

  1.  Aside tradition: If you are a very innovative person, your idea of a fun job is something that is not shrouded in the garb of tradition. This does not mean you do not interview your applicants during marketing hiring, it just implies that you want to do things in a different way. There are a number of ways to do this, the ultimate goal is that you have fun while conducting your marketing hiring.
  2. Shun close-ended questions: Since the world started hiring, recruiting officers have been asking applicants to describe and go over what is already in their resume. If you want to inject some fun into your recruiting exercise, you would want to ask the applicants some challenging questions that stray away from the norm.
  3. Make it interactive: It isn’t necessary that a job interview is a fiery exchange. Often, the only time the applicant can say what is on their mind is when the recruiter asks for it. You may want to burn up that rule book and make your recruiting more fun. Particularly, if it’s a marketing hire, you could pick up an item in the room and ask the applicant to market the product to you. That should be noted as well as the applicant persuasion skills and knowledge of the product should be noted. Doesn’t that make it more of a fun job than sitting behind some desk with blank faces?
  4. Leave the workplace: Have you ever had an interview anywhere else but the office? Ponder that question a while. The truth is that the office environment may make a lot of applicants jittery and that may flaw your recruiting procedure. For marketing hiring, you may want to look at conducting your interview anywhere else but the office. Having your hiring done in anon traditional setting allows you to scrutinize the applicant without the office paparazzi. If you must conduct the hiring in the office, you can invite the applicant for coffee later on. This will enable you to check out how well the applicant adjusts to different situations and will allow you to peruse much more than what is contained in the resume.

You must, however, be very careful. When conducting marketing hiring, there is only a thin line between fun and an ineffective interview. You must stay on your guard to ensure you stay within the limit of acceptable behavior and one that ensures that you conduct the best of marketing hiring within the best time possible

About the author: Timothy Dance

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