What’s The Best Way To Motivate Your Sales Staff?

A motivated sales team is an effective and productive sales team. It is crucial to prioritize the levels of motivation of your staff to make sure they continue to perform well.

Here are different ways to motivate your sales staff that are both easy to implement and effective:

Set Achievable Goals

Realistic and achievable goals should encourage your staff to work toward these aspirations to succeed. It is essential to emphasize attainable goals that are job-specific by making a comprehensive plan that includes specific tasks. With these tasks, the staff can further understand how they can achieve these goals. This goal setting should not be limited to sales quotas, though, as different people are motivated in different ways.

Communicate with each person in the team to determine which motivating factor works best for them. After constructing a goal-strategy based on these conversations, each person will realize the rewards that await them.

Motivating Core Performers

Core performers are usually the backbone of the salesforce. Yet, due to their consistent performance, they are often overlooked. However, even with the best employees, such high performance will only be sustained with motivation. Motivate them through setting dynamic goals that are evolving to bolster commitment and innovation.

Motivating the Low-Performing Group

Low-performers may include new hires in need of training or senior sales staff who became complacent. They can also be employees who became less motivated after some time. It is vital to give ongoing feedback to these people to monitor their progress. Discuss your concerns to them to help them improve. This communication can also help you determine the right incentive to keep them motivated.

Create a Culture of Recognition

A culture of recognition includes many options but is not limited to cash, time-off programs, and gifts. Non-cash incentives are usually more effective, but it is always best to ask your staff about their preferences. It keeps them involved while ensuring a positive outcome.


When introducing sales incentive programs to the team, you should emphasize on the execution. A study found that rewards are more effective when they are immediate. The longer your sales staff wait for the incentive, the less motivated they become. Furthermore, quarterly bonuses turned out to increase overall performance better than annual bonuses.


Healthy competition can be beneficial to foster determination and perseverance. It can be tricky to implement team-centered games from which everyone can benefit. Core performers likely get most prizes, which can affect the latter group. Therefore, design contests with consolation prizes to keep the low-performing group involved. You can also deter previous winners from playing subsequent games to give everyone a chance to win.

Rewards and incentive planning must take into account the varying needs of different people in the sales team. It is vital to analyze different motivating strategies before implementing them to ensure it benefits each person in the team. As soon as the sales team is motivated, productivity and engagement will increase.

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