How Do You Identify the Top Sales Talent During the Hiring Process?

The best ways to find the top sales talent or any form of talent during the hiring process are always steeped deeply in the communication you as the employer has with the applicant.

With each communication with the applicant, you will learn more about who they are and what their skills are. Below are several tips on how to identify the top sales talent during the hiring process.

Hold Preliminary Phone Calls

Before you invite applicants in for interviews, make sure that you hold a short phone call with all the applicants individually. This is a great way to find the people who are a waste of your time, not a good fit for the company, or simply not qualified.

Read them the job description, ask them about their salary expectations, and their expectations about the position. If their answers are all over the place or do not match your company’s intentions or needs, they are not going to be the right fit for your company.

As you talk in the interview, take note of how the applicant is communicating with you. Listen to the tone of their voice and how they are presenting information about themselves. Sales reps need to be able to make cold calls and communicate with clients over the phone all the time, so make sure that their skills are sharp in this sense.

Ask Unique Questions

As simple and easy as it is to simply say, “Why do you think you would do well here?” that is the bare minimum that can be done to find out more about the sales talent your applicant has.

Ask them unique questions that make them think creatively and outside of the box. Depending on their answers, you will be able to understand if they:

  1. Have sales talent
  2. Can think critically and creatively on their feet
  3. Will bring a new perspective to your company.

Ask questions about their hobbies and life, like their favorite movies, songs, which state they would take off the map, or what they would want on a deserted island.

Getting your applicant to think and be clear about their answers is a great way to spot unique talent and assess their communication skills.

Understand How They Sell Products

Ask your applicant deep questions about the nature of their sales technique. If their sales technique is bland and completely script reliant, they may not have to sales talent you are looking for.

Have them try to sell a product to you. Pick any object in the room, say a stapler or a chair, and have them sell it to you through their sales process on the spot.

Using these tips can help you find the best sales talent for your company!

About the author: LA Sales Recruiter