Working with a hiring agency for several years has opened my eyes to flaws most of the business agencies (HR in particular) perform whenever they want to hire a professional to handle a part of their business. These mistakes are costly but straightforward. They seem harmless in the first instance, but the results are farfetched. While these errors sometimes originate from the HR manager’s bias, some of them are related to their inability to carry out their work correctly due to stress and pressure and this can lead to giving the candidate a wrong rating during the interview process.

These simple but costly mistakes can trigger a chain reaction which may even lead to lawsuits or decrease in the employee’s total morale in the long run. In this article, we shall take our time to x-ray some of the most common errors people make when hiring professionals and how to curb them.

1. Rating the Client Wrongly
For an interview to be successful, the applicants must be rated to know the best-qualified candidate for the job. While this is important, it has been observed that most of the ratings are carried out from the HR manager’s point of view and not necessarily what the company wanted. Most often than not, the applicants are judged from the interviewer’s point of view while considering factors like social class, race and even religious belief. During the interview, the HR managers sometimes tend to generalize their findings. For instance, when a client says he/she is a good communicator the HR manager can also take that to mean the client is a good team player.

2. Error Related to Missing information
A lot of interviewers don’t ask the necessary questions in an interview session. Just as what is obtainable in the rating, the interviewer tends to assume the client has some skills or qualifications. The fact that the client is a sales executive does not mean he or she is certified. The fact that the client can find his way around a computer system doesn’t mean he/she is conversant with some of the application software in use in the organization. When hiring individuals, the company should pay serious attention to every detail. An assumption, in this case, is very costly. No matter the urgency, never hire a client you have not thoroughly interviewed.

3. Error Related to Timing
I often hear companies giving the HR manager a deadline to hire someone. While this is good, it is also very bad. The HR manager should be given enough time to understand each client and what they have to offer to the organization. If you can hire someone today, you can do it some other time. The firm should not put the HR manager under any form of stress if they are interested in the best results.
All the errors listed above are familiar with every business organization as long as they recruit individuals to work for them. The best way to remedy the situation is to allow the HR manager to take their time in carrying out the task. One other alternative is to engage the services of a hiring agency.
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