Graduates are driven to locate the best available jobs and often turn to recruitment agencies, like LA Sales Recruiter. With offices coast to coast, we have access to companies throughout the US who are seeking to hire the best graduates. Recent graduates often have experience with current technologies. The companies hiring them can benefit from their ability to bring new ideas, new skill sets and new resources to their position. The battle for the best candidates is unending. The bone of contention, however, is how companies of various sizes can emerge victorious in this war for top talent. We have put together some pointers to help owners of businesses locate the best new talent.


Carve out an office or brand culture. Paint a picture of the lifestyle your employees have come to expect. What are your plans for them five years from now? Promote this vision. Look for and hire candidates who fit in with this cultural picture. Success requires far more than just hard work – it is about people working together, focused on likeminded goals and embracing their synchronism.


Wages are a sensitive topic. The hard reality is that workers often work just for the money. Others are driven by passion. The emotions of love and hate for a job are fleeting, but paychecks are steady and keep employees productive. Capitalize on a pay strategy that will compensate the efforts of dedicated staff and encourage them to stay focused, keep producing and encourage them to remain under your roof. If your company is a small start-up and your budget is low, there are other ways to compensate workers. You may offer them stocks in the business, flexible hours or extended vacation time, and so on. Establish a method that works for the growth of your business while rewarding top employees.


Establish hiring connections. Although your company may not be in the current position of adding staff, it is essential to have a recruitment plan in place. Typically, the need to hire comes at a time when workloads are high and production is at its most demanding level. That is a not the best time to set business aside in efforts to satisfy staffing deficits. Instead, reach out to a professional recruitment firm well in advance of a hiring crunch. A recruitment agency, like LA Sales Recruiter, can maintain your company’s profile and engage the hiring process whenever you are ready. This eliminates the need for your company to initiate the hiring process, place ads, review resumés, etc. By taking the time now to partner with an agency, like LA Sales Recruiter, you will be ready to fulfill your company’s staffing needs in the future.

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