Hiring can be a tough process, particularly if you are an organization whose executives are not folks who like publicity and all.
In fact, looking to get the next big shot in the industry can be equally strenuous, the need to advertise the job opening, fix an interview schedule and then get busy with sorting CV’s and checking out which candidate is best for you can be such a time-consuming process.
Besides, it can take your focus away from the real deal-running the company and ensuring that the wheel of the industry does not grind to a halt.
That’s why we ask that you trust us with the hiring process for your next employee. Here is how we rigorously choose your next employee:

  1. Assess your needs: You tell us what position you are looking to hire for, the attributes and work ethics you are looking for in an employee.
    Promote openings: We ensure that your opening is well advertised and that it gets to the target market, our proficiency ensures that the right people are running to fill the vacancy in your organization.
  2. Screening: We ensure that unqualified aspirants are weeded out of the application pool, our team of expert recruiters will ensure that only the right people are considered for an interview. At the end of the screening, we contact the successful applicant and fix an interview date with them as per your organization’s approval.
  3. Interview: You can have your questions sent to us or you can give us the free hand to conduct preliminary interviews. We don’t even mind if you choose to send a member of your staff to sit in on the interview panel. All we want is that you get the best out of the hiring process with the smallest amount of stress possible.
  4. Talent assessment: We go beyond paper qualifications in our assessment of the ideal candidate for your company. Based on your recommendations or requirement, we conduct talent assessments for all prospective staff of your organization, and these assessments will cover all areas including physical fitness, cognitive ability, adaptability to the job, technical skills, etc. This ensures that you are not only hiring an applicant that is qualified on paper but one that is equally capable physically and mentally.
  5. Background checks: Our team of expert recruiters spares you the sweat of having to explain why your new employee has a three-time arrest record for mugging or drink driving. We do all of the background checks for you and ensure that you are left with nothing but issuing a statement about the newest addition to your team.
    Life is always easier when we can all focus on what is important to keep things running smoothly. We assure you this, that if you do allow us to hire your next employee, you will never stop doing business with us

About the author: Timothy Dance

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